Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I wrote like eleven pages of the course description + notes on stuff I want to cover for the course I'm teaching. I'm getting really psyched about it.

It turns out that Jim Heynen lives in the Pacific Northwest! Maybe I should look him up this summer. According to his website, he's stopped teaching now and is writing full time, which he prefers. I think I must have been introduced to him by my babysitter, Hope, when I was no older than eleven or so. I loved the stories, and it made a big impression on me. It's funny, I think a lot of stuff Hope introduced me to has. Interesting how things you encounter early make a lasting impression on you.

I remember writing a Jim Heynen-inspired story in sixth grade or so, titled "Who [did something]," because some of his titles were like that (e.g. "Who Made Such Good Pies). The teacher "corrected" my title.

Well, look at me now, I'm a poet, I can mangle language however I want. ;) Plus, he did it first, and he's a Respected Author and whatnot.

I think I may just update this blog regularly, but with random trivia. My new favorite activity might be wikipedia-surfing. I am so excited about the things I learn. I wish other people were even half as excited!

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