Friday, June 08, 2007

cat dog

I had a dream, as I sometimes do, in which I thought, "I should make this into a short [or long] story! That would be really good!" And it feels good, in the dream. Then I wake up and go, "Huh?" Either the inspiration is just lost or it actually wasn't that good of an idea to begin with, I don't know. Maybe both; I'm sort of the opinion that there are no bad ideas, just bad writers. There are tricky ideas, but every time you think a premise is inherently doomed as Good Writing material, someone shows you it's not the case.

Anyway, the story was something about... a narrator (who owns a really humongous dog, I think in the dream it was "160 pounds," despite being 4 months old) encounters a woman in a park or something. With a cat on a leash. That she insists is some sort of breed of dog, despite the fact that it's very definitely a cat.

I dunno, it could be funny.

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