Friday, August 31, 2007

Dreadnought hoax

Also, I want to do things like this.

Not if it has to cost me whatever the modern dollar equivalent of 4,000 pounds is, though.


Oh my god, it's becoming Mirkwood!

*capers in glee*

I want to see it so fucking bad, but uh, I have to be here. D: I wonder when the next break long enough for me to drive down to Texas is. Those webs better still be there, even bigger than ever! I hope it stays permanently :D

Tuesday, August 07, 2007



A very cool-sounding word. Part of me wonders if we really need a "term" for this, but maybe we do.

"Further, in brain scan investigations, individuals who professed to be ‘truly, deeply and madly’ in love showed activity in several structures in common with in the neuroanatomy of OCD, for example the anterior cingulate cortex and caudate nucleus."


I wonder what these "structures" pertain to, as far as OCD goes.

Oh, and another good word is "propinquity." It's just so perky-sounding.

"Nothing propinques like propinquity, Mondale would say after a few weeks in his new office...."



"Queen Elizabeth I, succeeding Mary, is said to have disliked beards and therefore established a tax on them."

"It has been noted that there is a close and consistent association of long standing in American film between facial hair and role—if one lead male character has more facial hair than another, he is far more likely to be the antagonist, and the man with less (or no) facial hair the protagonist."

"One stratum of American society where facial hair is virtually nonexistent is in government and politics. The last President to wear any type of facial hair was William Howard Taft, who was in office nearly a century ago. Virtually no current state governors or members of Congress have beards or mustaches."

"The Bible states in Leviticus 19:27 that "Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard." Talmudic rabbis understood this to mean that a man may not shave his beard with a razor with a single blade, since the cutting action of the blade against the skin "mars" the beard. Because scissors have two blades, halakha (rabbinic law) permits their use to trim the beard, as the cutting action comes from contact of the two blades and not the blade against the skin. For this reason, most poskim (Jewish legal decisors) rule that Orthodox Jews may use electric razors to remain cleanshaven, as such shavers cut by trapping the hair between the blades and the metal grating, halakhically a scissor-like action. Some prominent contemporary poskim maintain that electric shavers constitute a razor-like action and consequently prohibit their use."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Apparently "vermillion" is an alternate term for the upper lip.

Encourage its use!

Why you don't hear about "ice milk" any more

Names are important. Who knows how many industries have thrived or failed because of the associations of words. :P

"Ice milk or iced milk is a frozen dessert with less than 10 percent milk fat and the same sweetener content as ice cream. Ice milk is typically priced lower than ice cream and is typically sold as a generic product.

In the United States, the term is now virtually unknown. A 1994 change in Food and Drug Administration rules allowed ice milk to be labeled as low-fat ice cream. Within months, the term "ice milk" virtually disappeared from store shelves.

Products containing less milk fat but higher sweetener content are sold as sherbet, and products with no milk fat or dairy analogues are sold as sorbet. Products which use nonfat or lowfat yogurt or dairy analogues are sold as frozen yogurt."

I also now know what "malt" is. Thanks wikipedia! This search brought to you by the fact that I want to make a chocolate ice cream soda:

"The technique is 1, 2, 3. You put 2 tablespoons of syrup or flavoring in the bottom of the largest glass you have. Add seltzer water stirring as you pour to within 2 inches of the lip of the glass. Add 1 large scoop of very firm ice cream trying to get it to straddle the rim of the glass, yet still submerged in the seltzer enough to touch the seltzer deep enough to begin reacting with the bubbles to create a foamy heat. If the ice cream is to deep in the mixture, it will over flow. If it doesn't touch the seltzer at all you don't have a soda. With a little practice you will reach a perfect balance."

I will try this. Thanks internet!