Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween costumes

Oscar the Dismayed Cake
To digress further (from here), I was once Bunnicula for Halloween at about that age (7). I had bunny ears and a tail, and vampire fangs. And a long, thin parsnip with a couple of holes in it (meant to resemble a drained carrot).

That was actually a pretty sweet Halloween costume. I was going to be Medusa this year but instead I was nothing, because I was sick.

I always had a penchant for obscure and sometimes difficult-or-impossible-to-make Halloween costumes. Like once I wanted to be that venus fly trap thing that comes out of the pipe in Super Mario Brothers and spits fireballs at you.

So my mother, bless her, stayed up late sewing this costume for me.

Some people actually got that I was a plant, and assumed I was "Lizzie" from Little Shop of Horrors. I think everyone else thought I was a crappy Oscar the Grouch. (If it was meant to be Oscar, it would have been the worst fucking Oscar the Grouch ever, really.)

I think I had a tassel or a fire-colored koosh ball on a string that I was going to throw out my mouth-opening as the "fireball."

I think that was the most unusual Halloween costume of mine that actually came into being, albeit in a crude form. None of that witch or princess crap.

Last year I was the pallid bust of Pallas. One person at the party actually got it, thankfully. But the raven kept falling off my shoulder, so I set him aside for the night. Well-executed, I think that costume could be awesome, but of course it was crude and last-minute, so it consisted mostly of said raven, a bedsheet, and a laurel-crown made of pipecleaners.

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