Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Capture and Move Microscopic Objects - by the Force of Light !"

How the fuck does this work?

Wait, is light even a "force"?

I really need to learn about physics and chemistry. I feel like I have a reasonable amateur grasp of biology--on the level of evolution, ecology, etc., rather than the level of organs cells, and smaller--but I was always pretty ignorant of chemistry and physics, mostly because things I can't see and that aren't alive were less interesting to me.

Also, dude tattoos eyeball lapis lazuli blue. If you're a pussy who has some sort of problem with needles in eyeballs, you might not want to look at the pictures.


Six said...

Light is not a force, however, light does have force that can be captured. It's pretty small.

I saw that eyeball tattoo thing. That's kinda not really much of a tattoo though. I want some sort of pattern.

Anonymous said...

That is gross.