Saturday, February 07, 2009

i need to loosen up

Bleh, I am either more of a formalist and/or just more of an anal retentive person than I thought. Or at least, I'm working on a poem and I was all distressed because the lines and stanzas were of significantly different length. I tend to write poems where that is not the case. Like unruly free verse is just too OUT THERE, man, and a solid poem needs to at least look neat on the page. See, unruly. Must be ruled. Value judgment. I need to go with the flow and embrace my inner free verser.

"ruly" is an archaic word meaning "amenable to discipline or order." Like, "That dog is really ruly, you must have trained him well."

I think it's interesting when we start to only use the modified version of a word, to the point where the morphology is smeared and it would sound really weird to use the non-prefixed form.

What are some other examples of this? I cannot think of any right now.

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