Monday, August 10, 2009


Relation between loneliness and stress, heart disease, etc.

I want this book. ("Masterpiece Comics, a new book that reimagines classic literature in the style of well-known comics (including Shakespeare's Macbeth in the style of old newspaper strip Mary Worth.") I want it so bad. September 1st!!!

In writing news, I am writing stupid epigrams. By "epigrams," I mean four-line poems. Not exactly a classic definition, I know. This is the definition used in Linelinelineline, the "journal for the new American epigram," founded by friends of mine (I am a co-editor.) And by "stupid" I should clarify this to mean that my epigrams are stupid, not that epigrams are stupid in general. Except, kinda, when they want to be? In a good way? Like the form may be "four line poem," but we also look for a sort of enthusiastic puerility. Or uh, at least that's what I'M into.

Here is my stuff from the first issue: I want to fuck a slam poet! Or be one!

Anyway, each one of the epigrams I'm dong now starts with "I am [something]." Where the something is a thing, creature, concept, etc. Like "The 80s," "rubella," "Nessie," "a coffee bean," "an abstract concept," etc.

I also wrote a series of epigrams about Michael Jackson. Still working on all of these.

Oh my god what did I accomplish this Zellowship? About jack shit. And yet I feel like I've changed a lot in the last year, in ways I don't know if I can articulate or even sensitively perceive.

Oh, also, I'm writing a resume for the first time in a very long time. The last time I had to do something similar was applying for grad school like... 3.5 years ago? Jesus.

Anyway, my resume actually looks more impressive than I imagined it would. I have a masters degree, give me money!!!

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