Thursday, March 13, 2008


The symptoms of Frey's syndrome are redness and sweating on the cheek area adjacent to the ear. They can appear when the affected person eats, sees, thinks about or talks about certain kinds of food which produce strong salivation. Observing sweating in the region after eating a lemon wedge may be diagnostic.

The Bai Ze was encountered by the Yellow Emperor while he was on patrol in the east. The Bai Ze dictated to Huang Di a guide to the forms and habits of all 11,520 types of supernatural creatures in the world, and how to overcome their hauntings and attacks. The emperor had this information written down in a book called the Bai Ze Tu (白澤圖). This book no longer exists, but many fragments of it survive in other texts.

I want that book. Check out the cool picture of it.

Oh, apparently Ren and Stimpy are gay. I'm not sure if they're actually a couple, though.


Anonymous said...

Bai Ze was a sheep/person?

sensitivepoet said...

Looks like it, at least.

Anonymous said...

Haruki Murakami has a sheep man in one of his books Dance, Dance, Dance - who lives in 'another space- a typical murakami alternative world space - and sheep man is there to make connections for the main character.