Monday, March 17, 2008


Pink google search engine for ~*~*~*~*~girls~*~*~*~*~

I wish I was fucking joking.

What the fuck is it, where people think that making something ~*~*~*~*~pink~*~*~*~*~ automatically makes it interesting and relevant to women? Maybe if we were talking about a small percentage of five-year-olds.

Note the "shopping" link up there too.

This makes me want to barf. Please tell me it's an early april fools joke.

And dear god, could they have picked a more obnoxious shade of pink, too? How can anyone even look at it?

I sent them some "feedback."


Anonymous said...

Pink is also the Breast Cancer supporter color (like yellow - tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree for support our troupes)- so pink has gained some respect worldwide for women empowering women - kinda a take back' of the color and reframing it perhaps. But of course the use of pink you describe seems as if it is pandering to the worst 'frame' of girl pink.

Anonymous said...

The Shopping link is the exact same Shopping link on top of regular Google.

Anonymous said...

The internet is a big place... if you don't like it - don't use it.

Besides it's for girls only anyways.

sensitivepoet said...

re: pink and shopping: Yes, I know. Again, it's a horrible shade of pink, and that plus the ~*~*~girls~*~*~ plus the shopping just makes a melange of gag-me, you know?

As for the third comment: I don't intend to use it. However, I do intend to mention things I dislike in my own blog.